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Car owners, nowadays, find it extremely convenient to leave their vehicle detailing tasks to mobile car wash professionals. These cleaning experts, fully equipped with a host of car detailing products, arrive at the doorstep of customers to clean vehicles. In addition to cars, mobile car wash experts also offer cleaning services for trucks, 4x4’s, RVs, airplanes, and boats. This service is also a great option for companies that need to maintain large fleets of trucks. To manage this huge range of challenging tasks on a daily basis, these cleaning professionals must ideally be empowered with the best car detailing products out there. For this reason, successful car washing experts recommend purchasing car wash machines and car steam cleaner systems from leading brands.

KleenJet 200S
KleenJet 300CS

KleenJet 300CS

SuperMax 7050SCW

Super Max™ 6120SCW

The Super Max™ 6120SCW is a powerful, industrial/commercial, low-moisture steam mobile car wash machine designed for auto detailing applications. This machine features:.

  • 110V-120V, 60Hz engine
  • An astounding pressure of 1000 psi
  • Flow rate of .5 GPM, for efficient low-flow cleaning
  • Steam temperatures up to 250ºF

carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners

Super Max™ 6230SCW

The Super Max™ 6230SCW is a highly powerful, industrial/commercial, low-moisture steam mobile car wash machine designed for car detailing applications. This commanding car detailing machine offers:

  • 220V-240V, 60 Hz engine
  • An astounding1.1 GPM, for efficient, low-flow cleaning that will not harm vehicle surfaces
  • Steam temperatures up to 250ºF

carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners

Super Max™ 6235SCW

Daimer's Super Max™ 6235SCW is an auto detailing, mobile car wash pressure washer recommended for users in countries with 50 Hz power requirements. This commanding car detailing machine offers:

  • 220V-240V, 50 Hz engine
  • An astounding pressure of 69 bar
  • Flow rate of 4.16 LPM
  • Steam temperatures up to 121ºC

carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners


Those requiring 50 Hz configurations for international auto detailing can benefit greatly from the Super Max™ 7050SCW.

  • 220V, 50Hz engine for international auto detailing applications
    An astounding pressure of 1000 psi
  • Flow rate of 9.5 LPM (2.5 GPM), for efficient, low-flow cleaning that will not harm vehicle surfaces
  • Steam temperatures up to 121.1°C
  • Tri-mode temperature technology to enable use as a cold water, hot water, and wet steam pressure washer for varying pressure washing applications

carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners

Auto Detailing Using Steam Wash Machines

Keeping a vehicle clean is very important for preserving its value, and periodic cleaning helps eliminate stinky deposits that can be harmful for the health of any one sitting in the car. People generally focus on exterior cleaning, but they do not know that interior car cleaning holds equal importance, when it comes to retaining the value of your car.

For quick and effective results, you cannot rely on traditional cleaning methods of scrubbing and wiping. Steam cleaning is the quickest and latest way of maintaining car interiors and exteriors. Different types of steam car wash machines used for the purpose include steam pressure washers, steam carpet extractors, and steam cleaners for maintaining hard surfaces. Daimer®, the industry's topmost brand of car wash equipment for auto detailing, offers an array of KleenJet® car steam cleaners and Super Max™ car pressure washers.

How to Steam Clean Car Interiors?

Steam vacuum cleaners are the machines used for cleaning a car's hard surfaces, such as car windows, consoles, cup holders, door jambs, door pockets, air vents, dashboard, and more. Non-stop steam from steam car wash machines is applied directly on the surface to be cleaned and then the right brush is used to clean a particular surface. Reputed brands offer a host of accessories with their machines, for example, a steam squeegee for mirrors and windows, plush microfiber towels, and more.

The vacuum suction feature of the latest steam car washers helps them extract the loosened dirt in the extraction chamber. Eco friendly detergents can be used, if the stains are too stubborn to remove.

However, care must be taken to keep the hose away from your face to avoid any accidents, as the best automobile steam cleaning machines can create temperatures up to 369ºF.

How to Steam Clean a Car Carpet?

Ideally, car upholstery cleaners are used for maintaining car carpets and upholstered seats, but for steam cleaning these surfaces, a steam cleaner with upholstery attachment is used. Hot steam not just helps in cleaning the surface, but in removing odors and sanitizing the surface too. By attaching the upholstery nozzle to the steam cleaner, you can easily clean your car's leather seats and spot clean the carpets too. You can pre-spray the surface with eco-green solution before cleaning for effective results.

How to Steam Clean Car Exteriors?

Steam pressure washers are ideal machines for the maintenance of car exteriors. The latest, technologically advanced machines offer pressure levels up to 1500 PSI and steam temperatures as great as 250°F for delivering extraordinary cleaning power. Hot steam eliminates dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs, salt, grease, oil, and tree sap, and even melts snow.

As tri-mode pressure cleaners are available now-a-days, you first need to set the temperature of the machine as per the cleaning application, and then use the wand, through which high-pressurized steam is ejected, to clean the car paint. Make sure the wand does not touch the surface to be cleaned and you maintain a safe distance yourself.

Get your automotive steam cleaners from Daimer® and enjoy the benefits of professional cleaning at home.