What make us different from others?


Auto Detailing Machines

Daimer® car detailing equipment includes a variety unique technologies and features.

Super Max™ Car Pressure Washers

Wide Selection:

Daimer® offers nearly two dozen machines in a range of configurations to match every budget and preference. The Super Max™ auto detailing line includes electric powered machines supporting 50 Hz, 60 Hz, and a range of voltages. Heated machines are available in configurations that accept propane, natural gas, diesel, kerosene and heating oils.

All Temperature Technology:

The Super Max™ auto detailing line includes machinesoffering 250ºF or 330ºF wet steam. Some models such as the Super Max™ 12820offer three temperature modes for unheated or heated water, as well assuperheated wet steam. The Super Max™ 8700 cleans only with cold water for themost delicate vehicle finishes.  

Ease of Use/Productivity Enhancements:

Several features make Super Max™ machines easy to use, even for less-experienced workers. Quick Disconnect facilitates connecting and disconnecting trigger wands. Daisy-chaining offers a similar feature for connecting hose segments for longer or shorter lengths. Daimer® also offers hoses in a variety of lengths and all machines include the company's Long Hose Technology that supports hoses up to 300 feet long.

Company-Backed Reliability:

All Super Max™ machines are covered by an array of internationally-valid warranties. For example, pump units are covered for five years by Daimer®.

XTreme Power® Upholstery Carpet Cleaners

Wide Selection:

The XTreme Power® line includes eight machines, ranging from the entry-priced, non-heated XPC-5700U to the high-end heated XPH-9300U. All machines are available in both 60 Hz and 50 Hz configurations for customers around the world.

Proprietary Upholstery Wands:

Each upholstery carpet cleaner ships with a four-inch, single-jet wand. These compact hand wands are designed for cleaning in cracks, crevices, under seats and other tight spaces. Larger-sized wands are also available from Daimer®.  

Daimer®-Only Low-Flow Technology:

This system design manages fluid usage and speeds up upholstery drying times to as little as one hour.

Free Environmentally Safe Cleaning Formulation:

Each machines ships with two gallons of Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. This concentrated formula makes up to 256 quarts of ready-to-use cleaning liquid. The stain-removing formula meets OSHA safety standards and carries perfect, no-hazard scores, according to its NFPA hazard-diamond listing.

Company-Backed Reliability:

All XTreme Power® machines are covered by Daimer®'s global warranty system that includes five years of coverage for housings.

KleenJet® Pro Steam Cleaners

Wide Selection:

The KleenJet® Pro line includes an array of machines designed to match an array of budgets and applications. The value-priced Pro Plus 200S offers key features such as adjustable pressure levels and high temperature dry steam. The top-end 500VP and 1000CVP models bundle an industrial vacuum and an EPA-compliant, antimicrobial, ATIS® system for killing germs. All machines can be purchased in 60 Hz as well as 50 Hz configurations for customers worldwide.

Industrial Construction:

The machines are constructed using stainless steel for keycomponents, such as boilers and bases. The boilers employ a heating elementdesign that allows for the removal of a single component instead of the entireboiler in the rare case of a malfunction.

Commercial Grade Vacuums:

The 500V, 500VP, 1000CV and 1000CVP are equipped withindustrial-rated extraction systems featuring HEPA filters for removingallergens and other health-affecting particles.

Bundled Parts and Attachments:

KleenJet® Pro machines ship with up to 36 parts and components, ranging from tiny detail brushes to steam scrapers to steam squeegees for windows and glass.

Company-Backed Reliability.:

The boiler systems on KleenJet® Pro machines are warranted for the life of the machine.