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Mobile car wash professionals are in high demand these days. Most car owners no longer have time to spend on cleaning their vehicles. However, it is not possible to leave the vehicles unattended for long. During such situations, these car owners seek the services of mobile car wash experts. These cleaning experts travel down to the premises of their customers to detail vehicles, boats, and trucks. It is definitely the most convenient and practical option to get vehicles cleaned without having to drive down to the local car wash center or keep waiting until the car is ready for use.

KleenJet 200S

KleenJet 300CS

KleenJet 500V

KleenJet 500V

KleenJet 500VP

KleenJet 1000CV

KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S

Intendedfor lighter cleaning jobs, the KleenJet® Pro Plus 200S is a steam cleaner that emits"dry" vapor steam at temperatures reaching 310ºF. The Pro Plus 200S offers the operator Daimer®'sunique pressure control feature, which allows pressure levels to be adjusted upto 75 psi. Different accessories and brushes deliver cleaning versatilityacross various applications.

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KleenJet® Pro Plus 300CS

Like the 200S, the  KleenJet®Pro Plus 300CS includes True Variable Pressure Control with pressure levels upto 75 psi and steam temperatures up to 310ºF while adding Daimer®'s Continuous RefillTechnology. This technology allows the user to access the 2 liter refill boilerchamber without shutting down the machine, resulting in a dual-chamber, fourliter water supply at any time. This model is ideal for users who requirenon-stop use.

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KleenJet® Mega 500V

TheKleenJet® Mega 500V is a multi-purpose steam cleaner combined with a HEPAvacuum cleaner for a complete cleaning process. Temperature levels of the 500Vreach 310°F, with pressure levels up to 75 psi. This steam cleaner can beutilized as a vapor steam cleaner for dissolving stubborn deposits, while theHEPA wet/dry vacuum extracts dirt and moisture simultaneously while cleaning. TheKleenJet® Mega 500V aids in cleaning hard exterior surfaces of vehicles such aswindshields, windows, dashboards, doorjambs, etc. Additionally, the 500V may beused to spot clean upholstery.

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KleenJet® Mega 500VP

Acommercial steam cleaner, the KleenJet® Mega 500VP features both ATIS® Anti-Bacterial technology and a HEPAwet/dry vacuum. With pressure levels up to 75 psi and steam temperatures ashigh as 310ºF, the 500VP aids in the removal of challenging residues and deposits on interiorautomotive hard surfaces, while ATIS® technology paired with the HEPA filtereliminates more than 99% of harmful bacteria and allergens. This machine can beused for a variety of cleaning applications and can aide in spot cleaningupholstery and carpets.

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KleenJet® Mega 1000CV

Offering an increased steam temperature of up to 356°F andpressure levels up to 105 psi, the KleenJet® Mega 1000CV is a powerful vapor steamcleaner with HEPA technology and vacuum capabilities. The 1000CV is ideal fornon-stop usage as it features Daimer®'s exclusive Continuous Refill Technology.With an added four liter refill chamber, users can add water as needed withoutshutting down the machine, providing for non-stop cleaning. For added cleaningpower, another chamber emits detergent with steam controlled with the handlecontrols.

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KleenJet® Mega 1000CVP

TheKleenJet® Mega 1000CVP is a commercial steam cleaner which features pressurelevels up to 105 psi, high steam temperatures reaching 356ºF, a refill chamber for continuous use withDaimer®'s Continuous Refill Technology, and a detergent chamber for addedcleaning power if needed. The 1000CVP is equipped with ATIS® Anti-Bacterialtechnology which increases boiler performance and kills more than 99.9% ofbacteria and mold. The 1000CVP also boasts a wet/dry vac with HEPA filter forsimultaneously extracting residues and allergens while steam cleaning.

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Powerful and Versatile Auto Steam Cleaners

Cleaning a car is one of the most basic things a car owner must find time for to ensure the car looks good and performs well for years. However, without an effective steam car wash system, most of us find it difficult to give our cars a thorough clean-up on a regular basis.

Steam car wash equipment: For professional car cleaning results

Car wash businesses that utilize advanced car steam cleaners continue to enjoy improved customer base and of course profits. To enhance the car wash services provided by these auto detailing professionals, we now bring you a stunning range of reliable, versatile, and highly efficient steam car wash equipment.

Rugged and reliable automotive steam cleaner machines

The Super Max™ series of steam car wash machines is empowered with the latest cleaning technologies designed to simplify the toughest mobile car wash applications and enhance the cleaning results. Solid construction, high-quality components, and the latest in cleaning technologies make these portable steam car wash machines among the best car wash equipment in the market.

Basic aspects of a steam cleaner for cars

The fastest-selling versions of car steam cleaners from Daimer®, including the Super Max™ 6120SCW and 6230SCW, feature the right combination of pressure levels, flow rates, and temperatures needed to ensure cleaner and more impressive-looking vehicle exteriors. Here is a closer look into the flow rates, pressure levels, and temperatures of steam car wash equipment:

  • Perfect pressure levels: Do you know that an automotive steam cleaner with pressure levels of above 1500 PSI can seriously damage vehicle exteriors? For this reason, every steam car wash system in the Super Max™ series features pressure levels up to or below 1500 PSI. The powerful yet safe pressure levels enable the car wash steam cleaner to effectively blast off dirt, dust, tree sap, bird discharge, squashed bugs, and other stubborn deposits on car exteriors.
  • Low flow rates: Car steam cleaners in the Super Max™ range feature flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM. The low flow rates of auto steam cleaner offer numerous benefits. It helps cut down water usage to a great extent. This is especially good news for auto detailing professionals who use steam car wash equipment to clean large number of vehicles on a daily basis. Another benefit of using a low flow car steam cleaner is that the low flow rates make the car wash steam cleaner ideal for use on delicate components, such as automobile engine.
  • High temperatures: Sometimes, the high pressure levels generated by the steam car wash machine may not offer satisfactory results in eliminating grease and other tough deposits. Thankfully, the Super Max™ range of steam car wash machine is empowered with temperatures as high as 250°F that help dissolve almost all kinds of unwanted deposits on cars

Steam car wash machines and green chemicals: A powerful combo

Versatility is another aspect that defines these steam car wash machines. An automotive steam cleaner in the Super Max™ series helps maintain almost all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Additionally, the steam car wash machine can also perform other tasks, such as melting off snow and ice buildup on vehicles.

To enhance the cleaning power of steam car wash machines, experts recommend using the steam cleaner for cars in combination with green cleaning chemicals. These non-toxic and readily biodegradable cleaning chemicals help dissolve the toughest dirt deposits, thereby improving the action of auto steam cleaners.

The Super Max™ series of car steam cleaner machines features all types of auto steam cleaner versions for every need – right from compact steam car wash system to highly portable steam car wash versions. So, go ahead and transform your vehicles from just clean to super-clean with the powerful auto steam cleaner systems.