Car Pressure Washer Machines: Specifically Designed For Car Wash Businesses


Considering the high flow rates and unsuitable pressure levels of regular pressure wash systems, many contractors seek pressure wash machines specifically designed for auto detailing. Advanced car pressure washer machines from respectable brands like Daimer® are an answer to this need. These pressure washer systems are designed for detailing cars’ exteriors and come with the right features and technologies.

For example, these machines have moderate pressure levels. Usually, pressure cleanerread more

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How Auto Carpet Cleaners Help Clean Carpets Using Minimal Water?


Clean Carpets Using Minimal Water

One of the advantages of using auto carpet cleaners is that they use minimal water. Before you purchase any kind of equipment for carpet washing or upholstery cleaning, make sure that it is a low flow machine. Low-flow machines use less water for carpet washing. This offers many advantages. The most obvious is that car wash businesses are no longer constrained by the amount of water they can use to wash carpets. Even in drought areas, you will be able to wash carpets because these machines requireread more

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What Makes Auto Carpet Cleaners Perfect For Maintaining Car Interiors?


Perfect For Maintaining Car Interiors

For Cleaner and Fresh-Smelling Car Interiors

The auto carpet cleaners you choose must ideally be heated versions capable of ejecting hot moisture that will effectively dissolve the toughest deposits of dried food, stains, and grease from headrests, seats, carpets, and other surfaces. The heating coils of the interior car cleaners must be durable and powerful to ensure fast heating and no fall in temperature levels even across long periods of use.

Other notable aspects of theread more

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What Makes Car Pressure Washer Systems Indispensable for Car Wash Applications?


Car Pressure Washer Systems
Taking car washing to the next level
Effective maintaining of car exteriors demand high temperatures and pressure levels. The latest car pressure washer systems available from leading suppliers generate pressurized moisture at high temperatures to dissolve and wash off tough deposits, including mud, grime, grease, tree sap, bugs, and brake dust. High temperatures of the car pressure washer machines also work well in melting off snow accumulation on vehicles.

Traditionalread more

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How To Speed Up Car Detailing?


Speed Up Car Detailing

As for speed of cleaning, the design of the machine plays a big part and so does managing the cleaning work. It is advisable to divide the cleaning process into different stages and focus on speeding up each stage. A systematic approach would lead to a tremendous increase in the speed of cleaning.

Tips to speed up all three stages of car detailing:

Reducing waiting time

Waiting time is inevitable when the vehicle is taken to a detailing more

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Is Your Mobile Car Wash System As Good As This?


Mobile Car Wash System

The mobile car wash systems used by car cleaning professionals come with the perfect combination of the following aspects:

• Moderate pressure levels: Mobile car wash machines with moderate pressure levels ensure thorough cleaning without damaging the car paint or vehicle surfaces. Ideally, pressure levels of up to 1500 psi are safe for use on vehicle exteriors.

• High temperatures: Removal of tough dirt buildup demands the use of high temperatures. For this reason, the bestread more

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What Do You Need To Multiply Profits From Your Mobile Car Wash Business?


Mobile Car Wash Business

To transform dirty and dull car exteriors into sparklingly clean, car wash professionals trust the cleaning action of car wash equipment, such as steam pressure cleaners. These vehicle detailing systems combine low-flow rates, moderate pressure levels, and high temperatures to offer excellent results for a mobile car wash business. To enable professionals in the mobile car wash business clean off stubborn dirt deposits, many of these steam power cleaners eject high-temperature wet steam, atread more

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How to Choose Superior Car Wash Equipment for Interiors & Exteriors


Superior Car Wash Equipment

Exterior Detailing
The best equipment for detailing automotive exteriors consists of low-flow, wet steam pressure washing equipment. These systems use high temperature steam to dissolve tough, grimy buildup, while the high pressure levels blast away all residue.

It is important to choose car wash equipment with moderate pressure output (max 1500 psi). This will ensure that the car exterior is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage to the paint orread more

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Looking For the Right Steam Car Wash Equipment?


Right Steam Car Wash Equipment

The right kind of cleaning power!
There are two reasons why steam cleaning units aren’t ideal for a steam car wash. Firstly, these units lack the sustained cleaning power required to clean the entire vehicle. Although they are great for doing spot-cleaning interiors, they aren’t good enough for washing an entire car or truck. Another problem with dry steam cleaning units is the fact that they only emit about 5% moisture. They may be very effective in melting and dissolvingread more

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The Ultimate Car Detailing Arsenal!


Ultimate Car Detailing Arsenal

Inside and outside
A complete car detailing arsenal needs to contain units that handle exterior and interior cleaning tasks. For exterior detailing, it’s best to use a pressure washing machine with pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Pressure levels that are higher than this can cause damage to the paint job and vehicle body. It’s also important to use power washers with water flow rates of 0.5 GPM, ideal for washing away dirt and debris without doing any harm to the vehicle. Dry steam machinesread more

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