Steam Car Wash

How to Correctly Use an Automobile Steam Cleaner?


An automobile steam cleaner is immensely useful, but not in the way most people imagine it to be. Many car wash businesses use a dry vapor steam cleaner to car exteriors. This is a mistake. These steam cleaners do not have the pressure levels and flow rates needed to remove heavy layers of grime and grease from car exteriors.

Worse still, steam cleaner use harms the car exterior surface. As operators need to scrub the grime off the surface when the steam cleaner is used, the car paint tends toread more

Why is the Use of a Bus Washing Equipment Important for Maintaining Buses?


Bus Washing Equipment Important for Maintaining Buses
However, purchasing a bus washing equipment from a reliable supplier like Daimer® is extremely important for best results. High pressure washers with pressure levels of 3000 psi and high flow rates of 5 gpm should be used for maintaining bus exteriors. These powerful machines create steam temperatures of up to 330ºF and hot water temperatures between 180ºF and 210ºF for quick removal of hardened deposits. A bus washing equipment from Daimer® can reach such high temperatures within just 30 seconds, due to the presenceread more

Looking For the Right Steam Car Wash Equipment?


Right Steam Car Wash Equipment

The right kind of cleaning power!
There are two reasons why steam cleaning units aren’t ideal for a steam car wash. Firstly, these units lack the sustained cleaning power required to clean the entire vehicle. Although they are great for doing spot-cleaning interiors, they aren’t good enough for washing an entire car or truck. Another problem with dry steam cleaning units is the fact that they only emit about 5% moisture. They may be very effective in melting and dissolvingread more

Make Your Car Gleam with Car Detailing Machines


Car Gleam with Car Detailing Machines

Steam power for super-clean cars
It is a well-known fact that hot steam effectively softens tough dirt deposits on different surfaces. For this reason, car detailing professionals initially tried using steamer machines for maintaining vehicles. Although the steam did help dissolve tough deposits, the low pressure levels failed to wash away the softened particles and the brushes also scratched the vehicle surface. So the car detailing professionals switched to power washing more

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