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Choosing the Right Auto Upholstery Steam Cleaner


Auto Carpet CleanerWhen someone talks about an auto upholstery steam cleaner, it may either be a dry vapor steam cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine. Both machines are used for interior car detailing, but they are vastly different in the scope of their applications and features.

Dry vapor machines

These machines are suitable for spot cleaning rugs and fabric upholstery. They utilize dry steam, containing just 5% moisture. These machines are not suitable for cleaning entire lengths of rugs orread more

Versatile Fabric Upholstery Cleaners to Maintain Vehicle Interiors


Versatile Fabric Upholstery Cleaners
The upholstery and carpets used in car interiors vary from one vehicle to another. For this reason, car wash experts now choose fabric upholstery cleaners that help accomplish excellent cleaning results on different surfaces, such as leather, vinyl, cloth, rubber, velvet, and more.
There are non-heated and heated versions of interior car cleaners available from leading suppliers. While the non-heated fabric upholstery cleaners areread more

What Features Come With Efficient Car Wash Equipment?


Efficient Car Wash Equipment
A car wash equipment for maintaining car interiors comes with a 4 inch tool that can clean both carpets and upholstered seats. These machines also come with an optional 12 inch carpet wand for those seeking to maintain regular large carpeting as well. Such a car wash equipment ends the need for people to purchase two separate machines.
Fast drying is very essential for the vehicles to be ready for use quickly. The most advanced machines offer excellent suction and are low flow, which means they use very lessread more

What Makes Auto Carpet Cleaners Perfect For Maintaining Car Interiors?


Perfect For Maintaining Car Interiors

For Cleaner and Fresh-Smelling Car Interiors

The auto carpet cleaners you choose must ideally be heated versions capable of ejecting hot moisture that will effectively dissolve the toughest deposits of dried food, stains, and grease from headrests, seats, carpets, and other surfaces. The heating coils of the interior car cleaners must be durable and powerful to ensure fast heating and no fall in temperature levels even across long periods of use.

Other notable aspects of theread more

Looking For the Right Steam Car Wash Equipment?


Right Steam Car Wash Equipment

The right kind of cleaning power!
There are two reasons why steam cleaning units aren’t ideal for a steam car wash. Firstly, these units lack the sustained cleaning power required to clean the entire vehicle. Although they are great for doing spot-cleaning interiors, they aren’t good enough for washing an entire car or truck. Another problem with dry steam cleaning units is the fact that they only emit about 5% moisture. They may be very effective in melting and dissolvingread more

Why a Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense


Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense
Convenience and Efficiency
It’s relatively easy to get a mobile car wash business up and running, provided that you invest in the right kind of cleaning equipment. For vehicle exteriors, it’s best to invest in power washers that have pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Higher pressure levels could cause damage to the vehicle body. It’s also best to opt for pressure washing machines that have water flow rates of 0.5 GPM. This puts a firm cap on unnecessaryread more

Auto Detailing — Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors


Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors

One of the secrets to getting the best out of your auto detailing machine is to invest in the best. This means you must not get swayed by price tags; cheap, low end machines almost always end up in the junkyard within a few months. These machines are unable to cope with the demands of commercial carpet cleaning – the nonstop use, the long hours of running without a break, high temperatures, and corrosive detergents and impurities.

Daimer® avoids these problems by selling commercial auto detailing products designed to workread more

What Are the Best Carpet Cleaners for Car Detailing?


Car detailing is a process best accomplished with two types of cleaning devices: pressure washers to clean the body, engine parts, and other hard surfaces, and carpet cleaners to clean upholstery, mats, and other soft surfaces.
There is one thing that concerns almost all people who use carpet cleaners for car detailing — drying time. This is the time required for seats and upholstery to completely dry. The shorter the dryingread more

Dry Steam Cleaner Equipment for Effective Detailing


When it comes to detailing interiors, dry steam cleaner equipment offers a much more effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. The truth is that many detailing jobs tend to pay more attention to the exterior rather than the interior. As a result, most car or RV upholstery will simply get vacuumed. In the case of boat interiors, seats, and sidings are usually just wiped down with a damp cloth. Using dry steam cleaner equipment is a far more effective way toread more

Keep Your Car Gleaming Like New with Car Detailing Machines


Every car owner’s ultimate dream is to keep the car spotlessly clean and sparkling. However, car detailing also happens to be one of the most demanding cleaning applications. With all the mud, dust, and grease accumulated by a car on a daily basis, it would take endless scrubbing and wiping to make a car look brand new at all times. Only efficient car detailing systems will be able to clean your car thoroughly and quickly to give it that gleaming look. In addition,read more

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