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The Latest Technology of Car Pressure Washers Delivers the Best Result


Car pressure washers are necessary to ensure safe and comprehensive cleaning of cars and other automobiles. Pressure washers, with their high output power, can carry out the toughest of cleaning operations with ease. Most people place a lot of importance on the pressure output of a cleaning machine. It is not hard to understand that the higher the pressure, the more powerfully the machine will perform.

In addition to pressure, it is important to have a good idea about the various features thatread more

Super Max® 6120SCW- Mobile Steam Car Washer


The Super Max ® 6120SCW by Daimer ® is a steam car wash designed specifically with auto detailing applications in mind. Categorized as a low-flow machine, this auto detailing pressure washer exerts an astounding pressure level of 1000 psi at a flow rate of only .5 GPM. This low-flow cleaning allows users to effectively and efficiently clean vehicle exteriors without causing harm to the automobile or truck.
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