Car Pressure Washers

What Are The Best Power Options In Vehicle Exterior Cleaners For Buses?


Vehicle Exterior Cleaners For BusesWhile most car wash businesses use electricity-powered machines, electricity may not always be available at every location. Much of truck or bus washing takes place in locations where electricity power points are not easy to find. The alternative is usually a gasoline-powered machine.
However, since buses and large vehicles are diesel powered, it makes more sense to use vehicle exterior cleaners with diesel engines. These machines achieve pressure levels up to 3500read more

Car Pressure Washer Machines: Specifically Designed For Car Wash Businesses


Considering the high flow rates and unsuitable pressure levels of regular pressure wash systems, many contractors seek pressure wash machines specifically designed for auto detailing. Advanced car pressure washer machines from respectable brands like Daimer® are an answer to this need. These pressure washer systems are designed for detailing cars’ exteriors and come with the right features and technologies.

For example, these machines have moderate pressure levels. Usually, pressure cleanerread more

What Makes Car Pressure Washer Systems Indispensable for Car Wash Applications?


Car Pressure Washer Systems
Taking car washing to the next level
Effective maintaining of car exteriors demand high temperatures and pressure levels. The latest car pressure washer systems available from leading suppliers generate pressurized moisture at high temperatures to dissolve and wash off tough deposits, including mud, grime, grease, tree sap, bugs, and brake dust. High temperatures of the car pressure washer machines also work well in melting off snow accumulation on vehicles.

Traditionalread more

How to Choose Superior Car Wash Equipment for Interiors & Exteriors


Superior Car Wash Equipment

Exterior Detailing
The best equipment for detailing automotive exteriors consists of low-flow, wet steam pressure washing equipment. These systems use high temperature steam to dissolve tough, grimy buildup, while the high pressure levels blast away all residue.

It is important to choose car wash equipment with moderate pressure output (max 1500 psi). This will ensure that the car exterior is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage to the paint orread more

Tips to Buy Steam Pressure Washers for Auto Detailing


read more

How to Use Power Washers for Auto Detailing


Different types of cleaning equipment are often used for auto detailing. Sometimes, the operators are forced to use different types of machines, as they cannot find a single machine that can perform the tasks effectively.

Why Auto Detailing Is Complex
Part of the need for multiple machines stems from the various types of surfaces a vehicle has. Exterior surfaces are hard, while interior surfaces are soft or semi hard. Most people agree that pressure washers are the mostread more

Pressure Washing Cars — How Much Pressure Is Too Much?


Pressure Washing Cars

The cleaning ability of a pressure washer is affected by the temperature of the output and the detergent used. Most importantly, it depends on the sheer mechanical power of the machine. Pressure washers clean surfaces by spraying high volumes of water on them at high pressure levels. This blasts away dirt and eliminates tough stains from numerous surfaces. Therefore, pressure levels and flow rates are the most essential figures to determine the power of a machine.

People often assume higherread more

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