Auto Detailing

How to Use Power Washers for Auto Detailing


Different types of cleaning equipment are often used for auto detailing. Sometimes, the operators are forced to use different types of machines, as they cannot find a single machine that can perform the tasks effectively.

Why Auto Detailing Is Complex
Part of the need for multiple machines stems from the various types of surfaces a vehicle has. Exterior surfaces are hard, while interior surfaces are soft or semi hard. Most people agree that pressure washers are the mostread more

Powerful Auto Detailing Products for Cleaning Car Interiors


Even after a thorough cleaning session, you may be disappointed to find your car interiors still smelling like gym clothes, food crumbs, spilt liquids, and cigarettes. To effectively remove these stenches, dust, dirt, and other allergens stuck to the carpets and upholstery in your car, you need powerful cleaning machines that have been specifically designed for auto detailing applications.
Auto detailing products, such as theread more

Auto Detailing: Cleaning Engines


Cleaning the engine and other mechanical parts of a vehicle is an important and challenging part of auto detailing. A number of people pay attention mainly to the outside appearance of the vehicle. However, to ensure a smooth running and durable vehicle, the engine and engine compartment must be cleaned on a regular basis.
How to Find a Machine for Auto Detailing
The innerread more

Auto Detailing for the Interior


Auto detailing for different vehicle interiors involves much more than simple wiping and vacuuming. The truth is that vehicle interiors can pick up large amounts of dirt and debris like food and liquid spills, which are often left to soak in before they are cleaned. To make things worse, many people often spend more time cleaning the outside of a vehicle rather than the inside. This gives germs and bacteria a chance to find a dark and warm place to take root andread more

Auto Detailing — Why Is It Important for Your Car?


Important for Your Car jobs are abundant. It offers a simple and effective method to clean the engine, detect fluid leaks, and prevent rusting. A clean engine also helps create a good impression when you want to sell your car.

To purchase quality steam cleaning equipment specially designed for auto detailing applications, you must turn to leading distributors like Daimer®. The Super Max™ 6120SCW from Daimer® is an advanced, low-moisture steam car wash suitable for use on almostread more

The Importance of Engine Cleaning

Auto detailing often covers the complete cleaning of the exterior and interior of a vehicle. However, vehicle engines and engine compartments need to be cleaned on a regular basis, a service often overlooked by many auto detailers. After all, many people are hesitant about cleaning the engine since misuse of certain products may damage it. It is true that using very corrosive cleaning agents on engines can cause damage to its components. However, there are productsread more

Tips for Auto Detailing: Cleaning Vehicle Exterior


Cleaning Vehicle Exterior
The following are some tips to carry out car detailing.
The best machine to clean the exterior hard surfaces of automobiles is a pressure washer. These machines eject water or a solution of water and a detergent onto the exterior of the vehicle to wash away dirt, stains, grease, and other impurities present on the surface. If you search the internet, you can easily see that there are specially devised pressure washers for auto detailing. Ideally, the output pressure of theread more

Auto Detailing- Can Your Cleaning Equipment Move?


Cleaning Equipment Move
What happens when these machines are stationary? Because many vehicles have curves and crevices, a stationary machine is not always the best option. With stationary machines, navigating inside and around the vehicle can quickly turn ordinary auto detailing into a time-consuming task.
Daimer® understands that machines need to be mobile to complete auto detailing jobs effectively. Cleaning interiors, in particular, can be tricky,read more

Tips on Selecting a Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing


Pressure Washer for Auto Detailing
Automobile exteriors are not designed to withstand pressure levels that can reach up to 3000 to 5000 psi or the high flow rates of 3-6 GPM.
The situation changed when Daimer®, a leading distributor of cleaning equipment and the pioneer of many innovations in this field, launched pressure washers suitable for auto detailing. Two of the machines in the Super Max™ product series of Daimer®, namely the 6120SCW and the 6230SCW models, are highly sought after for autoread more

Products for Auto Detailing Professionals


Auto Detailing Professionals
The equipment under the XTreme Power® series has the ability to make things much easier for auto detailing professionals. The tasks completed by these machines are much more effective and efficient when compared to other local equipment available on the market. There are five unique models for upholstery and carpets — one non-heated and four heated. For standard applications, the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U often makes a good choice. Auto detailing professionalsread more

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