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Why a Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense


Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense
Convenience and Efficiency
It’s relatively easy to get a mobile car wash business up and running, provided that you invest in the right kind of cleaning equipment. For vehicle exteriors, it’s best to invest in power washers that have pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Higher pressure levels could cause damage to the vehicle body. It’s also best to opt for pressure washing machines that have water flow rates of 0.5 GPM. This puts a firm cap on unnecessaryread more

Battle Brake Dust with the Right Kind of Car Wash Equipment


Right Kind Of Car Wash Equipmentneeds to be able to clean the vehicle body and the wheels effectively as well. Car wheels and tires often have to face brake dust build-up. If this isn’t cleaned regularly, it can cause damage to your wheels. Every time a driver hits the brakes, iron filings from the brake pads flake off and settle on the wheels. As these filings sit on the wheels and tires, they get mixed with oils, grease, and other kinds of dirt and debris. This is known as brake dust. Unlike ordinary kindsread more

Auto Detailing — Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors


Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors

One of the secrets to getting the best out of your auto detailing machine is to invest in the best. This means you must not get swayed by price tags; cheap, low end machines almost always end up in the junkyard within a few months. These machines are unable to cope with the demands of commercial carpet cleaning – the nonstop use, the long hours of running without a break, high temperatures, and corrosive detergents and impurities.

Daimer® avoids these problems by selling commercial auto detailing products designed to workread more

Exceptional Auto Detailing Products from Daimer


Daimer® retails quality auto detailing equipment and supplies. These include pressure washers, steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, and complete car wash systems that offer more benefits than either a stand-alone pressure washer or steam cleaner. Using these auto detailing products, you can clean the interiors, exteriors, and engines of cars and trucks.
One of Daimer®’s most popular pressure washers for auto detailing is theread more

Steam Cleaners for Car Detailing


In addition to cars, vehicles such as trucks, RVs, and even boats, can be cleaned using top steam cleaners from Daimer®. These machines feature adjustable pressure levels, low flow rates, and high temperatures for convenient and easy cleaning.

Like most top steam cleaners, Daimer®’s steam cleaning equipment features a continuous refill option to minimize breaks during operation and thus enhance productivity. The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV, one of Daimer®’s top steamread more

Tips to Buy Top Steam Cleaners for Auto Detailing


Top steam cleaners can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks: cleaning floors and walls, cleaning metal and hard wood surfaces, and spot cleaning carpets. One of the lesser known cleaning applications of these machines is auto detailing. Steam cleaning machines have some great advantages when it comes to cleaning automobiles.

There are certain disadvantages too – for example, the high temperature output of the machine can damage the softer surfaces of the vehicles. That means the needread more

Need For Car Detailing


Need For Car Detailing
Auto detailing helps in prolonging the life of vehicles. The engine and other internal machine components of the vehicle must be cleaned regularly to make the vehicle function efficiently for the maximum possible period.
A pressure washer is the best choice for cleaning the engine parts. When using pressure washers for car detailing, make sure that the machine does not have an output pressure levelread more

Auto Detailing Pressure Washers – The Best Equipment for Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors


Auto Detailing Pressure Washers
On the other hand, if you use auto detailing pressure washers, you can clean the surface within minutes, and cover an entire fleet of cars in a few hours, depending on the fleet size. This is the reason most credible auto detailing businesses and fleet maintenance contractors use commercial pressure washing machines for cleaning.
Why are pressure washers the best tools for cleaning cars? Steam cleaners do not have the high pressure levelsread more

How to Reduce Water Consumption when Car Detailing with Pressure Washers


Car Detailing with Pressure Washers
Daimer® retails two types of low-flow car pressure washers. One is a standalone pressure washer that uses steam (300°F) to melt grease and oil residues and washes away dirt from the car exteriors. This machine, the Super Max™ 6120LM, has pressure levels of 1000 psi and a flow rate of only 0.5 GPM. Additionally, it features quick disconnect through the trigger wand and has two wand sizes.
The Super Max™ 6120SCW, on the other hand,read more

Professional Car Detailing Requires Professional Machinery


Professional car detailing requires you to invest in the right kind of machinery. Auto detailing machinery needs to have a number of other features that make them worth the price. They should be convenient and portable to use, so that detailing jobs can be done in an efficient manner. They should also be equipped to deal with a range of different jobs, from light interior detailing to removing upholstery stains. For exterior cleaning, a machine with steam options will help eliminate tough dirt andread more

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