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Auto Detailing Pressure Washers – The Best Equipment for Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors


Auto Detailing Pressure Washers
On the other hand, if you use auto detailing pressure washers, you can clean the surface within minutes, and cover an entire fleet of cars in a few hours, depending on the fleet size. This is the reason most credible auto detailing businesses and fleet maintenance contractors use commercial pressure washing machines for cleaning.
Why are pressure washers the best tools for cleaning cars? Steam cleaners do not have the high pressure levelsread more

How to Reduce Water Consumption when Car Detailing with Pressure Washers


Car Detailing with Pressure Washers
Daimer® retails two types of low-flow car pressure washers. One is a standalone pressure washer that uses steam (300°F) to melt grease and oil residues and washes away dirt from the car exteriors. This machine, the Super Max™ 6120LM, has pressure levels of 1000 psi and a flow rate of only 0.5 GPM. Additionally, it features quick disconnect through the trigger wand and has two wand sizes.
The Super Max™ 6120SCW, on the other hand,read more

Professional Car Detailing Requires Professional Machinery


Professional car detailing requires you to invest in the right kind of machinery. Auto detailing machinery needs to have a number of other features that make them worth the price. They should be convenient and portable to use, so that detailing jobs can be done in an efficient manner. They should also be equipped to deal with a range of different jobs, from light interior detailing to removing upholstery stains. For exterior cleaning, a machine with steam options will help eliminate tough dirt andread more

Tips To Buy Carpet Cleaners for Car Detailing


Most car detailing companies use a number of different cleaning machines, including pressure washers, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners. As a general rule, powerful cleaning machines, such as steam cleaners and pressure washers, are used mainly for cleaning the hard surfaces, for example, metal bodies and engine parts of automobiles. On the other hand, carpet cleaners are used mainly for cleaning the soft interior surfaces, like carpets and mats.

This post deals only with the use of carpet cleaners for carread more

Car Detailing Equipment for Mobile Detailers


Car detailing equipment should ideally consist of low-flow pressure washers that you can mount on trailers. The machines should be compact for traveling around large areas; the less bulky the car detailing equipment is the more room for workers inside the van. Daimer® retails car-detailing equipment in keeping with these requirements.
The Super Max™ 6120SCW is designed specifically for the car wash industry. This car detailingread more

Car Detailing: Tips for Interior Cleaning


Many things play a part in an effective car detailing process. Since an automobile contains various kinds of surfaces, different types of cleaning methods need to be adopted for successful auto detailing. For example, the interior surfaces of a vehicle are softer than the exteriors. Harder surfaces require a powerful cleaning machine, while soft surfaces call for a gentler approach. The following are some tips for car detailing, with particular emphasis on the interior cleaningread more

Here’s the Perfect Car Detailing System for Vehicle Exteriors


Maintaining a car should be a top priority to ensure safety and a clean, running car. However, many people may find keeping their vehicles clean a difficult task. This is mainly because of the effort required in getting a car clean using traditional methods. Cleaning away the dirt and grease on vehicle exteriors generally involves scrubbing and wiping.

In these fast-paced times, car owners prefer their vehicles clean quickly and effectively in little time. To cut down the effort levels and stillread more

Car Detailing: How to Clean Engine Parts


What are the main objectives of car detailing? Vehicles need to look good. The interiors should be clean and neat, and the engine and other internal components should be without any dirt or other impurities, as such impurities tend to affect the smooth working of the whole system.

This post deals only with the cleaning of engines and internal components of vehicles. The following are some tips on using Daimer®’s pressure washers for auto detailing.

Choose Rightread more

Interior Car Detailing Made Easy and Effective


When discussing car detailing,it is important to remember the interiors sometimes need more attention than the exteriors. Vehicle exteriors have the advantage of being exposed to rain, fresh air, and sunlight, all of which can actually help in keeping the vehicle clean.

The same cannot be said for vehicle interiors. The average car seat will rarely be exposed to fresh air and water. If a spill or a stain does occur, it is common to wipe it up and forget about it. Usually, water is not used toread more

Choosing the Best Mobile Car Detailing Equipment


In almost any car detailing business, using the right type of products can make a huge difference to the quality of services provided. Besides being highly effective in carrying out a comprehensive cleaning job, they must be mobile as well for easy mobility.

Daimer® is a leader in supplying the best car detailing equipment and is the preferred choice of many auto detailing business owners. They offer a range of products that are ideal for mobile auto detailing.

The Xtreme Power® XPC-5700U,read more

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