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Mobile Car Detailing — Are Low Flow Rates Powerful Enough?


One of the biggest challenges of mobile car detailing is finding available water for cleaning. When traveling to your customers home or workplace, you may not have access to the gallons of water each car requires for cleaning. Therefore, you need equipment that utilizes less water. In other words, the pressure washer you purchase must have a low flow rate for mobile auto detailing applications.
Another problem with using machinesread more

Carpet Cleaners in Car Detailing


Carpet cleaners are heavily used by many car detailing businesses. These machines are essential for cleaning the interior of vehicles, such as mats, carpets, and seat upholstery. Choosing the right carpet cleaner for car detailing will ensure maximum productivity and exceptional results.
Quick and Effective
Car detailing professionals know that a major factor when cleaning car interiors is the drying time ofread more

A Guide to Car Detailing


The main benefits of car detailing are quite easy to understand. By regularly cleaning the vehicles, the owners can ensure high performance and long life of their engines. However, cleaning an automobile is not as easy as it sounds. The area to be cleaned is relatively small, yet the cleaning process can be somewhat complex because of the various types of surfaces involved.
An Overview of Carread more

Exceptional Auto Detailing Products from Daimer


Daimer® retails quality auto detailing equipment and supplies. These include pressure washers, steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, and complete car wash systems that offer more benefits than either a stand-alone pressure washer or steam cleaner. Using these auto detailing products, you can clean the interiors, exteriors, and engines of cars and trucks.
One of Daimer®’s most popular pressure washers for auto detailing is theread more

Steam Cleaners for Car Detailing


In addition to cars, vehicles such as trucks, RVs, and even boats, can be cleaned using top steam cleaners from Daimer®. These machines feature adjustable pressure levels, low flow rates, and high temperatures for convenient and easy cleaning.

Like most top steam cleaners, Daimer®’s steam cleaning equipment features a continuous refill option to minimize breaks during operation and thus enhance productivity. The KleenJet® Supreme 3000CV, one of Daimer®’s top steamread more

Effective Car Detailing for Auto Interiors


Car detailing for vehicle interiors offers unique challenges different than those of cleaning the exterior. Interiors do not get the benefit of frequent aeration, and in many instances, they sometimes do not get any sunlight. Add to this the fact that many car interiors are thick and plush, and you have the perfect conditions for germs and bacteria to take root. It is important to note that areas like the footwells and even the seats are not always cleaned outread more

Complete Car Detailing the Eco-Friendly Way


When it comes to the various aspects of car detailing, many people shy away from using chemically based cleaning products. These cleaning agents are not only bad for the environment, but also leave behind toxic traces in the upholstery and interiors. This can pose health problems for children and people who are sensitive to pollutants or allergens. Many car enthusiasts do not like chemical cleaning agents, because they can corrode the paint and body of the car. Forread more

Dry Steam Cleaner Equipment and Auto Detailing


Various types of cleaning machines are used for auto detailing: carpet cleaners, pressure washers, and dry steam cleaner equipment. Carpet cleaners are used for cleaning softer interior surfaces of automobiles, while pressure washers are used for cleaning the harder engine components and body of the vehicles. Steam cleaners too can be used to spot clean the carpets, as well as hard surfaces within the vehicles.
read more

Tips to Buy Top Steam Cleaners for Auto Detailing


Top steam cleaners can be used for a wide range of cleaning tasks: cleaning floors and walls, cleaning metal and hard wood surfaces, and spot cleaning carpets. One of the lesser known cleaning applications of these machines is auto detailing. Steam cleaning machines have some great advantages when it comes to cleaning automobiles.

There are certain disadvantages too – for example, the high temperature output of the machine can damage the softer surfaces of the vehicles. That means the needread more

Need For Car Detailing


Need For Car Detailing
Auto detailing helps in prolonging the life of vehicles. The engine and other internal machine components of the vehicle must be cleaned regularly to make the vehicle function efficiently for the maximum possible period.
A pressure washer is the best choice for cleaning the engine parts. When using pressure washers for car detailing, make sure that the machine does not have an output pressure levelread more

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