Automobile detailing equipment saves a lot of money and pays for itself within a few weeks of use. That is because these machines offer enhanced productivity, as compared to manual washing. They offer better results, without the labor intensive scrubbing. Additionally, these machines use hot water, a known degreasing agent, to remove grime from car surfaces. As a result, there is all around improvement in efficiency, which in a commercial setting, turns into cost effective operations.

Power and heating options for all situations

There are other features to make these machines perfect for car pressure washing. They carry a range of heating methods, although most automobile detailing machines have electric motors. The machines can be heated by propane, natural gas, heating oil, or diesel. This means that no matter what kind of fuel is available, you can find a Daimer® pressure washer that is compatible with the local conditions.

Another location specific advantage is that the machines are compatible with different power configurations. This includes 440V, three phase, 50 or 60 Hz; 20V-240V, single phase, 60 Hz; 220V-240V, single phase, 50 Hz; and so on.

Ultra low flow machines

Usually, Daimer®’s car wash specific machines feature flow rates up to 3 GPM, far less than the industry standard of 5 GPM. Machines, such as the Super Max™ 7000SCW, have flow rates of 2.5 GPM. If you are looking to conserve more water and reduce costs of runoff and water recapture and treatment, invest in a machine with ultra low flow rates. These machines use wet steam at high temperature and high pressure for car exterior detailing.

These machines are in many ways, among the most versatile tools for maintenance of cars and other vehicles. They are used for elimination of plant sap, bird droppings, and so on. They are also used for melting ice and snow, owing to their high steam temperatures. Some machines, such as the Super Max™ 6230SCW, offer superior steam temperatures, up to 250ºF and flow rates of 1.1 GPM.

Can Automobile Detailing Equipment Save You Money?
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