Portable auto detailing equipment comes in many varieties. Some machines are designed for exterior auto detailing. They eliminate grime from the outer surface of the car. Other machines, known as carpet cleaners, are used for cleaning car interiors. More specifically, they are used for maintaining the fabric upholstery inside cars. A third type of machine, the dry vapor steam cleaner, is used for cleaning non-fabric upholstery, floors, door jambs, and similar surfaces inside cars.

Portable car wash machines have many productivity enhancing features. Some of them are mentioned below:


As the name suggests, a portable machine can be carried from location to location. While pressure washing machines can be mounted on trailers or wheeled around in a smaller area, carpet cleaning machines and steam cleaners have the right dimensions for enhanced mobility. Pressure washers that are not powered by electricity are also more mobile, since they can work where electricity is not available.

High pressure levels

Daimer®’s pressure washers for car washing attain pressure levels up to 1500 PSI. The carpet cleaners have pressure levels up to 500 PSI. Steam cleaners sold through Daimer® often have top pressure levels up to 125 PSI. The high pressure levels attained by the commercial car washing machines are instrumental in fast, effective removal of grime.


From durable stainless steel boilers in steam cleaners, to corrosion and chip resistant housing for pressure washers, Daimer® products spell durability. These machines are suitably covered under warranties. The boilers, for example, carry a lifetime warranty, a feature perhaps not to be found in any other brand of steam cleaners. Durable machine parts last longer, thus eliminating replacement costs. Durable parts also offer better performance, ensuring that you provide the best car cleaning service and beat competition effectively.

When you use Daimer® machines, you are adding to the brand value of your business, by achieving faster and reliable cleaning.

Portable Auto Detailing Equipment: Increased Productivity for Car Wash Businesses
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