Businesses are increasingly turning environment friendly. It makes good business sense, while helping protect the water sources and natural resources from pollutants. An ecofriendly business is more likely to give you great results, because you save on significant costs associated with waste water capture. You also use less water, which reduces utility bills.

Equipment that cleans without harming the environment

The launch of the new range of car wash machines has revolutionized the industry. Today, you can purchase a pressure washer with flow rate of 2.5 GPM. This is half the flow rate of a conventional pressure wash machine. The advantage of using a low flow machine is that you can reduce water consumption and maintain the high standards of cleanliness expected from a professional car wash at the same time. Some pressure wash systems are specifically designed for the car wash industry. Keeping in mind the water restrictions that car washers often face, these machines have been designed to create astonishingly low flow rate of 0.5 GPM. They use wet steam to clean cars, and maintain sufficiently high pressure levels for removing grime from car exteriors.

Non polluting power source

Car wash equipment powered by electricity does not generate fumes. They are heated by propane or natural gas, which are non polluting too. These measures reduce the environmental impact of car washing.

Since productivity is important from a business point of view, these machines are perfect for washing cars. They remove grime, including grease, from car exteriors in a matter of seconds. With pressure levels up to 1500 PSI and temperatures as high as 210°F, these machines are a great way to clean cars effectively. The option of using cold water reduces electricity consumption.

Besides exterior car wash equipment, there are varied types of carpet cleaners for cleaning fabric upholstery inside cars. Even these machines have low flow rates to reduce water use and prevent mold. Using a biodegradable detergent instead of regular carpet cleaning chemicals keeps water resources safe.

How to Create an Ecofriendly Auto Detailing Business?
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