An automobile steam cleaner is immensely useful, but not in the way most people imagine it to be. Many car wash businesses use a dry vapor steam cleaner to car exteriors. This is a mistake. These steam cleaners do not have the pressure levels and flow rates needed to remove heavy layers of grime and grease from car exteriors.

Worse still, steam cleaner use harms the car exterior surface. As operators need to scrub the grime off the surface when the steam cleaner is used, the car paint tends to peel off. Using a steam cleaner is great for other commercial applications, but not very productive in cleaning car exteriors.

However, these machines do have a very specific purpose in the car wash industry; a purpose that few other machines can fulfill to perfection. An automobile steam cleaner is used for cleaning car interiors.

Remove spots and grease from fabric upholstery

If the car has cloth covered seats, then a steam cleaner is perfect for removing spots of grease, mold, or dirt from them. For complete fabric upholstery cleaning, a carpet washer is recommended. A carpet cleaning machine features temperatures up to 210°F and eliminates grease, odors, and most stains.

Clean vinyl and leather seats

Plush interiors require a good quality car interior cleaner. The steam cleaner removes grease and dirt from vinyl and leather covered seats. It also cleans armrests and fixtures.

Keep the floors tidy

Car floors can become very grubby, due to the dirt tracked in with shoes. What is the solution? Use a steam cleaner with special accessories to clean floor boards. Eliminate mold, dirt, and even chewing gum using these machines.

Clean door jambs

Door jambs are handled so often and by so many people that they turn grimy all too soon. That is why good car wash businesses that like to take care of the tiniest details use steam cleaning machines to eliminate grime from door jambs. The high temperatures up to 356°F also eliminate some types of germs.

The perfect automobile steam cleaner should be able to perform the tasks mentioned above, offering a high degree of productivity. For cleaning car exteriors, you should use a commercial pressure wash system with temperatures up to 250°F and flow rates up to 2.5 GPM.

How to Correctly Use an Automobile Steam Cleaner?
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