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Portable Auto Detailing Equipment: Increased Productivity for Car Wash Businesses


Portable auto detailing equipment comes in many varieties. Some machines are designed for exterior auto detailing. They eliminate grime from the outer surface of the car. Other machines, known as carpet cleaners, are used for cleaning car interiors. More specifically, they are used for maintaining the fabric upholstery inside cars. A third type of machine, the dry vapor steam cleaner, is used for cleaning non-fabric upholstery, floors, door jambs, and similar surfaces inside cars.

Portable car wash machines haveread more

How to Create an Ecofriendly Auto Detailing Business?


Businesses are increasingly turning environment friendly. It makes good business sense, while helping protect the water sources and natural resources from pollutants. An ecofriendly business is more likely to give you great results, because you save on significant costs associated with waste water capture. You also use less water, which reduces utility bills.

Equipment that cleans without harming the environment

The launch of the new range of car wash machines has revolutionized the industry. Today, youread more

How to Correctly Use an Automobile Steam Cleaner?


An automobile steam cleaner is immensely useful, but not in the way most people imagine it to be. Many car wash businesses use a dry vapor steam cleaner to car exteriors. This is a mistake. These steam cleaners do not have the pressure levels and flow rates needed to remove heavy layers of grime and grease from car exteriors.

Worse still, steam cleaner use harms the car exterior surface. As operators need to scrub the grime off the surface when the steam cleaner is used, the car paint tends toread more

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