Auto Carpet CleanerWhen someone talks about an auto upholstery steam cleaner, it may either be a dry vapor steam cleaner or a carpet cleaning machine. Both machines are used for interior car detailing, but they are vastly different in the scope of their applications and features.

Dry vapor machines

These machines are suitable for spot cleaning rugs and fabric upholstery. They utilize dry steam, containing just 5% moisture. These machines are not suitable for cleaning entire lengths of rugs or fabric upholstery, but if there are spots of dirt or grease that require quick removal, these machines are of great use.

The real use of the machines is in cleaning hard surfaces inside cars and in maintenance of leather or non-fabric seat covers. Daimer® supplies machines that eliminate grime from multiple surfaces inside cars, from glove compartments to fittings and fixtures, and other surfaces inside cars. These machines are also ideal for maintaining flawless clean floors, with multiple floor cleaning squeegees and brushes that eliminate grime from corners and hard to access areas. Some machines are also equipped to remove pollen, dust mites, dust particles, and other allergens.

Carpet cleaner products

Cleaning fabric upholstery requires a different type of auto upholstery steam cleaner. This machine is called a carpet cleaner and it features temperatures up to 210°F. The machine also features vacuum extraction, which helps to remove dirt, water, and detergents during the cleaning process. One of the advantages of using this machine is that you can use both hot water and cold water. If the fabric upholstery is delicate, you can use cold water.

Understanding the differences between varied auto upholstery steam cleaner machines and their functions will enable you to clean carpets and upholstery faster and more easily.

Choosing the Right Auto Upholstery Steam Cleaner
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