Vehicle Exterior Cleaners For BusesWhile most car wash businesses use electricity-powered machines, electricity may not always be available at every location. Much of truck or bus washing takes place in locations where electricity power points are not easy to find. The alternative is usually a gasoline-powered machine.

However, since buses and large vehicles are diesel powered, it makes more sense to use vehicle exterior cleaners with diesel engines. These machines achieve pressure levels up to 3500 PSI and flow rate of 5 GPM. In addition to that, they have temperatures up to 330°F.

If you are concerned about fumes or you plan to use the vehicle exterior cleaners in indoor areas, ensure that the machine has a long hose. You can keep the machine outdoors and use the long hose to access indoor areas for cleaning.

Another alternative is to use propane or butane powered machines for cleaning buses. These vehicle exterior cleaners are powered and heated by butane or propane, which is a clean fuel. They are equally easy to use indoors and outdoors. These vehicle exterior cleaners also achieve high temperature and pressure levels, which helps remove grease, oils, tree sap, and other grime from vehicle exteriors.

What Are The Best Power Options In Vehicle Exterior Cleaners For Buses?
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