Ideal Car Pressure Washerquality auto detailer machines. Read on to know what they are.

Ideally, the car pressure washer machines designed for use by car owners or auto cleaning professionals must help maintain almost all exterior surfaces of vehicles. These machines must feature the right combination of pressure levels, temperatures, and flow rates. Car pressure washer systems with pressure levels up to 1500 psi are perfect for use on car exteriors. Pressure levels higher than this may damage the car paint, while lower pressure levels may not produce the desired results.

It is best to choose car pressure washer machines featuring low flow rates to ensure lower water consumption and cut down the volume of water that hits the ground during the cleaning process. For outstanding results in eliminating tough deposits, such as tree sap, squashed bugs and grease from vehicle exteriors, it would be a good idea to use a car detailing machine capable of generating high temperatures.

The Super Max™ 6230SCW available from Daimer® is an excellent car pressure washer featuring pressure levels of 1000 psi, flow rates of 0.5 gpm, and temperatures as high as 250ºF. In addition to maintaining car exteriors, this machine can also be used to melt away snow buildup on vehicles. Visit to view the most

What Makes An Ideal Car Pressure Washer?
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