Mobile Car Wash Business

To transform dirty and dull car exteriors into sparklingly clean, car wash professionals trust the cleaning action of car wash equipment, such as steam pressure cleaners. These vehicle detailing systems combine low-flow rates, moderate pressure levels, and high temperatures to offer excellent results for a mobile car wash business. To enable professionals in the mobile car wash business clean off stubborn dirt deposits, many of these steam power cleaners eject high-temperature wet steam, at temperatures reaching up to 330°F. The hot steam helps dissolve grease, bugs, grease, and other deposits from car exteriors, wheels, tires, and glass surfaces.

Professionals involved in a mobile car wash business appreciate the low-flow rates of 0.5 gpm that make the power washers ideal for use on even the more delicate parts and components, such as automotive engines. Pressure levels of up to 1500 psi are safe for use on car exteriors, yet powerful for removing tough deposits. For this reason, the best car cleaners feature pressure levels of about 1000 psi.

To take your mobile car wash business to the next level, check out the Super Max™ series of car wash systems available from Daimer®. In addition to cleaning cars, the car cleaning systems also help melt away snow build-up from vehicles.

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