Superior Car Wash Equipment

Exterior Detailing
The best equipment for detailing automotive exteriors consists of low-flow, wet steam pressure washing equipment. These systems use high temperature steam to dissolve tough, grimy buildup, while the high pressure levels blast away all residue.

It is important to choose car wash equipment with moderate pressure output (max 1500 psi). This will ensure that the car exterior is cleaned thoroughly without causing any damage to the paint or surface.

Interior Detailing
Car wash equipment can also be used for cleaning the interiors of a car. Unlike steam pressure cleaning machines designed for exteriors, the machines used for interior car detailing are gentle on the carpets and upholstery to prevent any damage. These systems work by first pre-spraying the material with a solution; then the operator injects water into the material, agitates the fibers, and extracts with the upholstery wand.

Cleaning machines with low flow technology are employed by professional cleaners for keeping the car interiors clean. As less water is used, the carpets are dry and ready for use in as little as two hours.

Investing in the best car wash equipment can help you get the optimum output from the machines. Such cleaning equipment from leading brands comes with high quality components and superior housing. These systems not only deliver consistently top quality performance, but are also extremely durable.

Car wash equipment from top brands, such as Daimer®, are popular among industry professionals, as these machines offer them good value for their money. These cleaners are able to deal with the challenges of commercial cleaning effortlessly.

How to Choose Superior Car Wash Equipment for Interiors & Exteriors
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