Car Gleam with Car Detailing Machines

Steam power for super-clean cars
It is a well-known fact that hot steam effectively softens tough dirt deposits on different surfaces. For this reason, car detailing professionals initially tried using steamer machines for maintaining vehicles. Although the steam did help dissolve tough deposits, the low pressure levels failed to wash away the softened particles and the brushes also scratched the vehicle surface. So the car detailing professionals switched to power washing machines. However, these power washer systems featured extremely high pressure levels that could damage vehicle exteriors. Around this time, leading suppliers arrived on the scene with steam car wash machines specifically designed for car detailing applications.

These advanced auto cleaning systems combined high steam temperatures with average pressure levels and low flow rates. The combination was just perfect for car wash applications. The hot steam dissolved dirt deposits while the pressure levels helped washes off the deposits. And low flow rates made the machines ideal for use even on automobile engines. The SuperMax™ 6120 SCW available from Daimer® is an excellent car detailing system featuring pressure levels of 1000 PSI, low flow rates of 0.5 GPM and temperatures of up to 250ºF.

Make Your Car Gleam with Car Detailing Machines
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