Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense

Convenience and Efficiency
It’s relatively easy to get a mobile car wash business up and running, provided that you invest in the right kind of cleaning equipment. For vehicle exteriors, it’s best to invest in power washers that have pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Higher pressure levels could cause damage to the vehicle body. It’s also best to opt for pressure washing machines that have water flow rates of 0.5 GPM. This puts a firm cap on unnecessary water usage and wastage. This is an important point to consider, especially when cleaning in residential areas.

A mobile car wash needs the right kind of carpet and upholstery cleaners as well. These units should have a special low water flow technology, which uses less water and increased suction and extraction powers to remove dirt and debris. This ensures that the interiors are not very damp after cleaning, which gives them a better chance of drying out faster and thoroughly. Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to invest in cleaning machines that are eco-friendly and don’t rely on chemical cleaning agents. Daimer ® has a number of power washers and carpet cleaners which are ideal for mobile detailing.

Why a Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense
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