Right Kind Of Car Wash Equipmentneeds to be able to clean the vehicle body and the wheels effectively as well. Car wheels and tires often have to face brake dust build-up. If this isn’t cleaned regularly, it can cause damage to your wheels. Every time a driver hits the brakes, iron filings from the brake pads flake off and settle on the wheels. As these filings sit on the wheels and tires, they get mixed with oils, grease, and other kinds of dirt and debris. This is known as brake dust. Unlike ordinary kinds of dust accumulation, brake dust can cause pitting and other kinds of damage to the wheels. Effective auto detailing needs to pay special attention to brake dust removal.

High Power Cleaning
A truly complete car wash equipment arsenal should include pressure washing equipment. These cleaning machines are not just effective when it comes to cleaning vehicle exteriors, they are also ideal for brake dust removal. Some of the conventional methods for removing brake dust include clay bars, which can be time-consuming and aren’t always effective. Chemical cleaning agents are sometimes ineffective and in a number of cases, the chemicals can have a corrosive effect on the wheels. Steam pressure washers are ideal for removing brake dust, since the steam works to loosen and dissolve layers of brake dust, even if it is packed down hard.

Steam power washers also use the power of pressurized water to lift and remove debris from the surface of the wheels. Optimum water flow rates work to wash away the brake dust residue completely. There are a number of steam power washers from Daimer® which are an asset to any car wash equipment arsenal.

Battle Brake Dust with the Right Kind of Car Wash Equipment
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