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Why a Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense


Mobile Car Wash Makes Better Customer Sense
Convenience and Efficiency
It’s relatively easy to get a mobile car wash business up and running, provided that you invest in the right kind of cleaning equipment. For vehicle exteriors, it’s best to invest in power washers that have pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. Higher pressure levels could cause damage to the vehicle body. It’s also best to opt for pressure washing machines that have water flow rates of 0.5 GPM. This puts a firm cap on unnecessaryread more

Battle Brake Dust with the Right Kind of Car Wash Equipment


Right Kind Of Car Wash Equipmentneeds to be able to clean the vehicle body and the wheels effectively as well. Car wheels and tires often have to face brake dust build-up. If this isn’t cleaned regularly, it can cause damage to your wheels. Every time a driver hits the brakes, iron filings from the brake pads flake off and settle on the wheels. As these filings sit on the wheels and tires, they get mixed with oils, grease, and other kinds of dirt and debris. This is known as brake dust. Unlike ordinary kindsread more

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