Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors

This post provides some useful tips to carry out exterior cleaning of car detailing.
Hard Surface Cleaners
Pressure washers and steam cleaners are the best available hard surface cleaners. For vehicle cleaning, it is recommended to use pressure washers. Another hard surface cleaner, steam cleaners, are not suitable for cleaning vehicle exteriors. Their pressure levels are not high enough and the constant scrubbing can scratch the vehicle.

How to Choose Machines
When choosing pressure washers for car detailing, one has to ensure two things. First, the output pressure level of the machine should not exceed 1500 psi. A pressure washing machine with a higher pressure level could damage the soft surfaces in a vehicle.

Second, the best machines for car detailing should have a low flow rate, preferably less than 2 GPM. Flow rate determines the quantity of water passed through the trigger gun per minute. If the machine has a high flow rate, more water will be passed onto the vehicle. Using more water can result in higher disposal rates and EPA fines if not drained properly.

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Tips for Car Detailing – Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors
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