Car detailing products from Daimer® enhance productivity. If you run a mobile car wash, portability is an important factor. The machine must be carried around easily and it should be lightweight, compact, and easily stored on a trailer.

Car detailing equipment includes pressure washers for cleaning the engine and exteriors, steam cleaners for interior sanitization and allergen removal, and carpet cleaners for cleaning entire upholstery. These machines may or may not be used along with detergents for added cleaning power.

The Super Max™ 6120SCW is a compact, versatile pressure washer machine that can clean car exteriors, engines, windshield, tires, and more. This machine generates wet steam at pressure levels of 1000 psi and low flow rates of 0.5 GPM. The high pressure and temperature combined with low water consumption makes this machine ideal for car detailing. High steam temperatures up to 330°F dissolve grease and other stubborn deposits. Moderate pressure levels blast these deposits away without damaging vehicle surfaces. And, the low flow rate enables efficient cleaning without excessive water waste, ideal in places where the availability of water or drainage may be limited. In addition, this pressure washer is wheel mounted and can be put on trailers for mobile car detailing.

The Super Max™ 9000 is a tri-mode pressure washer that runs on electricity and can be mounted on trailers. It offers flow rates of 2.8 GPM and a pressure level of 1500 psi, suitable for washing cars. You can use hot water up to 210°F, steam up to 250°F, and cold water at room temperature for cleaning. Daimer® also offers machines including the Vapor-Flo® 8125 that are powered as well as heated by electricity. Visit for more information about their car detailing products.

Portable Car Detailing Equipment and Their Advantages
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