To maintain high standards of service and to remain competitive in today’s tough times, auto detailing professionals should seriously consider purchasing advanced cleaning machines that have been specially designed for car detailing purposes. To ensure that your auto detailing machines offer reliability, durability, and efficiency, it is important to purchase detailing systems from leading suppliers like Daimer®.

Daimer® brings you an extensive range of car detailing machines ranging from versatile carpet cleaners to powerful steam pressure washers designed to tackle almost all issues faced by car washing professionals. One innovative machine is the Super Max™ 6230SCW— an advanced steam pressure washing machine with low moisture technology. Low flow rates of 0.5 GPM and high pressure levels of 1000 psi enable you to accomplish exceptional cleaning results without causing any harm to the vehicle’s surface. Additionally, these car detailing systems generate super-hot steam temperatures of around 300ºF to simplify the task of eliminating dirt, grease, tree sap, and other deposits on vehicle surfaces.

Another outstanding feature of these car detailing machines is mobility. These steam cleaning machines can easily be transported to the vehicle you need to clean thanks to its wheeled configuration. The hot steam will also allow you to avoid using any abrasive detergents for cleaning vehicles. Though, for enhanced cleaning power, consider combining this equipment with green cleaners like Eco-Green® Heavy Duty Car Wash. Eco-Green® car wash formulas are designed to safely and effectively speed up the cleaning process by breaking down dirt and grease molecules, rendering them easy to remove and incapable of reattaching to cleaned vehicle surfaces. All Eco-Green® chemicals are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

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Mobile Auto Detailing Systems for Car Wash Professionals
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