Every car owner’s ultimate dream is to keep the car spotlessly clean and sparkling. However, car detailing also happens to be one of the most demanding cleaning applications. With all the mud, dust, and grease accumulated by a car on a daily basis, it would take endless scrubbing and wiping to make a car look brand new at all times. Only efficient car detailing systems will be able to clean your car thoroughly and quickly to give it that gleaming look. In addition, a clean car implies lower maintenance costs in the long run and a better resale value for the car.

Traditionally, most of us clean cars by washing the exteriors and then vacuuming their interiors. However, modern car detailing is a more comprehensive process accomplished by quality car wash systems like low-flow steam pressure washer. Daimer® now offers technologically advanced car wash systems to simplify the auto detailing process. These car wash systems have been specially designed to ensure unsurpassed performance and unmatched efficiency.

The Super Max™ 6120SCW from Daimer® is a powerful car steam cleaner that considerably enhances car washing results. This steam cleaner generates low-moisture steam at extremely high temperatures up to 300ºF ensuring that tough dirt and grease can be instantly dissolved. Other aspects like low flow rate of 0.5 GPM and pressure levels of 1000 psi add to the cleaning power of this steam cleaner while eliminating any risk of damage to your vehicle surfaces.

There are many exciting versions of car detailing steam cleaners and green chemicals available at www.daimer.com.

Keep Your Car Gleaming Like New with Car Detailing Machines
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