When it comes to detailing interiors, dry steam cleaner equipment offers a much more effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. The truth is that many detailing jobs tend to pay more attention to the exterior rather than the interior. As a result, most car or RV upholstery will simply get vacuumed. In the case of boat interiors, seats, and sidings are usually just wiped down with a damp cloth. Using dry steam cleaner equipment is a far more effective way to get many different types of interiors clean.

Daimer® offers dry steam cleaner equipment, which can be very effective in cleaning vehicle interiors, particularly if they are not cleaned on a regular basis. People tend to underestimate the type of dirt that vehicle interiors attract. Food and drink spills are often just wiped up. It is only on rare occasions that soap and water are used, mainly because people forget about them later. Even if things like vomit and urine stains are washed out, the fabric can take a long time to dry out. This can cause a musty smell to rise and for bacteria to take root in the fabric. Dry steam cleaner equipment operates at temperatures that are higher than ordinary steam cleaning machines, making them ideal for spot cleaning jobs for vehicle interiors quickly and effectively.

Dry steam cleaner equipment can work to dissolve and eliminate most ground-in dirt and tough, sticky stains. The high temperatures also eliminate many germs and bacteria. By clicking on www.daimer.com, you can learn more about what models of cleaning equipment will suit your detailing needs.

Dry Steam Cleaner Equipment for Effective Detailing
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