Various types of cleaning machines are used for auto detailing: carpet cleaners, pressure washers, and dry steam cleaner equipment. Carpet cleaners are used for cleaning softer interior surfaces of automobiles, while pressure washers are used for cleaning the harder engine components and body of the vehicles. Steam cleaners too can be used to spot clean the carpets, as well as hard surfaces within the vehicles.

The main advantage of using dry steam cleaner equipment for interior auto detailing is that the surfaces dry quickly. These machines use dry steam as output. Dry steam is superheated water with less than 5 percent of water content. Combined with high temperature levels, hard surfaces and fabric surfaces spot cleaned with a dry vapor steam cleaner will dry quickly and the overall consumption of water is kept low.

Cleaning workers must be very careful when using dry steam cleaner equipment for cleaning the interior of the vehicles. Quality dry steam cleaner equipment can have an output temperature of up to 386°F. This range of temperature can damage soft surfaces if exposed for long.

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Dry Steam Cleaner Equipment and Auto Detailing
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