When it comes to the various aspects of car detailing, many people shy away from using chemically based cleaning products. These cleaning agents are not only bad for the environment, but also leave behind toxic traces in the upholstery and interiors. This can pose health problems for children and people who are sensitive to pollutants or allergens. Many car enthusiasts do not like chemical cleaning agents, because they can corrode the paint and body of the car. For antique vehicles, toxic cleaning agents are usually avoided altogether. The good news is that now with whatever car detailing job you have, there are green chemicals available that can help you out.

Daimer® offers a number of different green chemicals ideal for various car detailing jobs. These products are not only eco-friendly, but also effective in tackling tough dirt and stains. This is because they incorporate a special technology that penetrates and breaks down dirt molecules. This makes these green chemicals very effective in removing hardened and stubborn deposits.

Better yet, there are different green cleaning products for different car detailing jobs. For instance, trucks and SUVs tend to accumulate a different variety of dirt and stains than conventional vehicles. Larger vehicles also attract larger amounts of dirt. Eco-Green® Truck Wash is specially formulated for removing the most challenging dirt, grease, mud, and other residues found on trucks and large vehicles. Best of all, this formula prevents dirt from re-adhering to surfaces, keeping your truck cleaner for longer. Eco-Green® Heavy Duty Car Wash is yet another available formula, designed for demanding car wash and automotive cleaning applications.

There are also special green chemicals for cleaning vehicle upholstery, like Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner. This formula lifts away stains from deep within carpet and upholstery fibers. Since these cleaning agents are plant-based products, there is no risk of toxic traces left behind or damage to the vehicle in any way. Visit www.daimer.com for more on other car detailing products.

Complete Car Detailing the Eco-Friendly Way
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