If you own or are planning to start an auto detailing business, you need quality vehicle cleaning supplies. One of the biggest challenges in cleaning cars is getting the interiors clean, odor free, and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Considering that most cars have thick upholstery and rugs with limited interior airflow, this can be a challenging task. Therefore, you need carpet cleaning supplies that cut down cleaning and drying time without compromising on quality or power.

Among your carpet cleaning supplies there should be a quality carpet shampooer, also known as carpet cleaners or carpet extractors. A low flow machine would reduce water consumption and speed up drying time without compromising on the effectiveness of cleaning.

Invest in a machine that offers the power levels to meet your applications. For demanding auto detailing tasks, a heated carpet cleaner may be best; the use of high temperatures up to 210°F will more readily dissolve stubborn stains, spills, and deposits on seat upholstery and within carpet fibers.

Carpet cleaning supplies also include cleaning solutions, as the carpet or upholstery must be pre-sprayed with a carpet cleaning solution applying the carpet extractor. Selected solutions should be green, as green chemicals are plant-based, non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and all around safe for you, the environment, and vehicle surfaces.

To find the industry’s best carpet cleaning supplies, carpet extractors, and green chemicals, consult Daimer®. Daimer’s line of Eco-Green® green chemicals is the industry’s most powerful and environmentally safe line of green cleaning formulas. Additionally, Daimer’s XTreme Power® carpet cleaners offer enhanced cleaning power with advanced low-flow technology to eliminate excessive use of water and speed up drying times. detergents mixed in water, and the solution is sprayed on the carpet.

Daimer® retails many types of carpet cleaning supplies for auto detailing businesses, including green detergents, and environmentally friendly cleaning equipment. View more information on their products at www.daimer.com.

Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Auto Detailing Business
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