The main benefits of car detailing are quite easy to understand. By regularly cleaning the vehicles, the owners can ensure high performance and long life of their engines. However, cleaning an automobile is not as easy as it sounds. The area to be cleaned is relatively small, yet the cleaning process can be somewhat complex because of the various types of surfaces involved.

An Overview of Car Detailing
Hardness and other properties of different surfaces vary considerably in a vehicle. The body of most vehicles is made from hard, but delicate materials that can be damaged by excessive pressure. Engine components are made of strong and sturdy metals. When it comes to the interior of a car, most surfaces consist of soft materials, for example, carpets, seat upholstery, and mats.

What this means for car detailing is that the cleaning workers need to use different cleaning machines for cleaning different parts of an automobile. In an ideal situation, pressure washers are the best for cleaning hard exterior surfaces of automobiles, and carpet cleaners are the most suitable for cleaning the soft interior surfaces.

How to Find the Right Machines
When it comes to selecting cleaning machines, one factor is necessary to consider with all types – quality. High quality components are a must to ensure durability and longevity of car detailing equipment.
In terms of pressure washers, operators should ideally select a machine with pressure levels at or below 1500 psi. This will ensure optimum power for cleaning without damaging the painted exterior. In addition, high steam temperatures are a must. Daimer® offers pressure cleaners with temperatures up to 330°F to quickly dissolve grease, mud, oil, tree sap, and other stubborn residues commonly found when detailing a vehicle.

Carpet extractors in Daimer®’s XTreme Power® line are ideal for cleaning the interior surfaces of the vehicle, including upholstery, carpets, and floor mats. These low flow machines boast advanced cleaning power without leaving surfaces soaking wet, thereby greatly reducing drying times. This enhances the productivity and speed in any car detailing business. With a specialized upholstery wand, Daimer® offers specialized designed XTreme Power® carpet cleaners designed to reach the small crevices within a vehicle’s interior.

For use with these cleaning machines and for a wide range of other car detailing applications, consider Eco-Green® green chemicals by Daimer®. These premier green chemicals are non-toxic, readily biodegradable, and all around safe to use on any surface, in any environment.

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A Guide to Car Detailing
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