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Tips for Car Detailing – Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors


Cleaning Vehicle Exteriors
This post provides some useful tips to carry out exterior cleaning of car detailing.
Hard Surface Cleaners
Pressure washers and steam cleaners are the best available hard surface cleaners. For vehicle cleaning, it is recommended to use pressure washers. Another hard surface cleaner, steam cleaners, are not suitable for cleaning vehicle exteriors. Their pressure levels are not high enough and the constant scrubbing can scratch theread more

Auto Detailing — Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors


Carpet Cleaners for Spotless Car Interiors

One of the secrets to getting the best out of your auto detailing machine is to invest in the best. This means you must not get swayed by price tags; cheap, low end machines almost always end up in the junkyard within a few months. These machines are unable to cope with the demands of commercial carpet cleaning – the nonstop use, the long hours of running without a break, high temperatures, and corrosive detergents and impurities.

Daimer® avoids these problems by selling commercial auto detailing products designed to workread more

Car Detailing- Do You Have the Right Equipment?


When it comes to car detailing, many people invest a great deal of time and effort in cleaning the exteriors. Not only does a clean car look good, it lasts a lot longer as well. Regular maintenance and removal of dirt, salt, grease, and other debris prevents rust and corrosion from forming on the body of the vehicle. However, it is important to remember that some cleaning machines are not suited for car detailing. In order to do an effective job, it is important toread more

Selecting a Pressure Washer for Car Detailing


One has to consider several aspects while selecting a device for car detailing. If one owns a professional car detailing agency, the task becomes even tougher. In an ideal world, the car detailing device should have variable output pressure and temperature; it should use low flow technology so that it consumes only small quantities of water and does not damage vehicle surfaces, it should be suitable for use on various types of surface,, and it should be portable.

The best bet for findingread more

What Are the Best Carpet Cleaners for Car Detailing?


Car detailing is a process best accomplished with two types of cleaning devices: pressure washers to clean the body, engine parts, and other hard surfaces, and carpet cleaners to clean upholstery, mats, and other soft surfaces.
There is one thing that concerns almost all people who use carpet cleaners for car detailing — drying time. This is the time required for seats and upholstery to completely dry. The shorter the dryingread more

Dry Steam Cleaner Equipment for Effective Detailing


When it comes to detailing interiors, dry steam cleaner equipment offers a much more effective alternative to conventional cleaning methods. The truth is that many detailing jobs tend to pay more attention to the exterior rather than the interior. As a result, most car or RV upholstery will simply get vacuumed. In the case of boat interiors, seats, and sidings are usually just wiped down with a damp cloth. Using dry steam cleaner equipment is a far more effective way toread more

Mobile Auto Detailing Systems for Car Wash Professionals


To maintain high standards of service and to remain competitive in today’s tough times, auto detailing professionals should seriously consider purchasing advanced cleaning machines that have been specially designed for car detailing purposes. To ensure that your auto detailing machines offer reliability, durability, and efficiency, it is important to purchase detailing systems from leading suppliers like Daimer®.
Daimer® bringsread more

Keep Your Car Gleaming Like New with Car Detailing Machines


Every car owner’s ultimate dream is to keep the car spotlessly clean and sparkling. However, car detailing also happens to be one of the most demanding cleaning applications. With all the mud, dust, and grease accumulated by a car on a daily basis, it would take endless scrubbing and wiping to make a car look brand new at all times. Only efficient car detailing systems will be able to clean your car thoroughly and quickly to give it that gleaming look. In addition,read more

Tips To Choose Portable Machines for Car Detailing


Car detailing is one of the most prominent revenue-generating services of detailing companies. Cars are frequently used, but they often are not cleaned as frequently as they should be. To rapidly and effectively clean customers’ vehicles that may have been disregarded through frequent use, the top cleaning machines are needed. The following information will be helpful in choosing machines for car detailing businesses.

Need for Portable Machines
Mobile car detailing machines offerread more

Carpet Cleaning Supplies for Auto Detailing Business


If you own or are planning to start an auto detailing business, you need quality vehicle cleaning supplies. One of the biggest challenges in cleaning cars is getting the interiors clean, odor free, and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Considering that most cars have thick upholstery and rugs with limited interior airflow, this can be a challenging task. Therefore, you need carpet cleaning supplies that cut down cleaning and drying time without compromising on quality orread more

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