When looking for a machine to clean a vehicle, always use pressure washers for cleaning vehicle exteriors. It is also important to understand that not all pressure washers are ideal for car detailing. Always choose machines specifically designed for detailing vehicles.

Daimer® offers a number of car pressure washers in their Super Max™ series. One such pressure washer, the Super Max™ 6120SCW, features pressure levels of 1000 psi, low flow rates of 0.5 GPM, and temperature levels of 300°F.

This is the optimum combination for eliminating deposits like bug stains, bird spatter, and other debris that vehicles often accumulate on the road. Apart from that, this machine can be used to clean different surfaces, ranging from tires, engines, and the plastic body of the car.

Such machines are also mobile, which makes them ideal for businesses that specialize in mobile car detailing. For added cleaning power, these systems can be used with Daimer®’s Eco-Green® Heavy Duty Car Wash. These solutions are a safe alternative to toxic cleaners. In addition to the safety for the environment, the user, and the vehicle, Eco-Green® solutions are as powerful, if not more powerful than toxic alternatives available on the market. Thus, auto detailing professionals can complete their jobs without harming the environment or their clients’ vehicles.

Pressure washers must have specific requirements for auto detailing. First, the pressure level must not exceed 1500 psi. This can cause damage to the vehicle by creating dents, chipping paint, and scratching the surface. In addition, many areas do not have the proper drainage for machines with high flow rates. In this situation, pressure washers with low flow rates are often used.

Vehicle Cleaning with Pressure Washers
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