Professional car detailing requires you to invest in the right kind of machinery. Auto detailing machinery needs to have a number of other features that make them worth the price. They should be convenient and portable to use, so that detailing jobs can be done in an efficient manner. They should also be equipped to deal with a range of different jobs, from light interior detailing to removing upholstery stains. For exterior cleaning, a machine with steam options will help eliminate tough dirt and grease. The right kind of car detailing machinery can mean the difference between an ordinary detailing business and a detailing business that is successful.

Car detailing requires the use of a number of different machines. Daimer® provides systems that have been designed to deal with every imaginable aspect of vehicle detailing. For outdoor detailing, machines like the Super Max™ 6120SCW are an ideal choice. This model has pressure levels of 1000 psi, which will effectively eliminate dirt and stains without damaging the vehicle. These machines also have water flow rates of 0.5 GPM, thus reducing excessive water wastage. This is also helpful when it comes to mobile car detailing jobs, where the cleaning is done in residential areas that have limited drainage and water facilities.

For interior auto detailing jobs, Daimer® offers a number of carpet cleaners in their XTreme Power® series. These machines feature low flow technology, which allows the carpets to dry out in a matter of hours. Machines like the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U allow interiors to dry out in about 6 hours while the XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU can take as little as two hours.

Professional Car Detailing Requires Professional Machinery
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