For interior car detailing, car wash businesses should use top-quality commercial carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning machines are available in many types, designed around usage requirements. Commercial car detailing products are different from home use carpet shampooers. They have better-quality parts, which facilitate continuous operation. These machines also use less water, reducing heavy costs associated with high water consumption, water disposal, and client site cleanup.

One of the major differences between a car detailing carpet cleaner and an ordinary carpet cleaner is the wand dimension. For cleaning carpets in large commercial areas, the wand should be at least 12 inches long. The carpet cleaning machine may also allow you to use shorter upholstery wands. For car detailing, however, you require a shorter upholstery wand, around 4 inches in length. You may also purchase a longer wand in addition to the upholstery wand for other carpet cleaning applications. Daimer® offers carpet cleaners for car detailing that are equipped with 4-inch, single jet upholstery wands. The machine also includes 20 feet each of vacuum and solution hoses.

To maintain vacuum pressure, Daimer®’s machines have either a single or two-stage motor. Another feature is the high capacity of solution and recovery tanks. Heated carpet cleaning machines in the XTreme Power® series have one or two inline heating elements, depending on the tank capacity.

Daimer® also sells a special green carpet cleaning shampoo for safely removing stains from carpets. These products have no harmful, toxic ingredients, and they are free of bleach and carcinogens. The Eco-Green® Carpet Care & Upholstery Cleaner is composed of special molecules that infiltrate the carpet deeply and remove dirt by chemically reacting with grease, hydrocarbon, and sugar molecules. Visit the site for more related information.

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