In almost any car detailing business, using the right type of products can make a huge difference to the quality of services provided. Besides being highly effective in carrying out a comprehensive cleaning job, they must be mobile as well for easy mobility.

Daimer® is a leader in supplying the best car detailing equipment and is the preferred choice of many auto detailing business owners. They offer a range of products that are ideal for mobile auto detailing.

The Xtreme Power® XPC-5700U, for instance, is a carpet cleaner machine that can handle most vehicle interior cleaning with a high level of efficacy. For clients who need a tougher cleaning job and want their cars delivered back fast, the XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU is the ideal car cleaning machine.

The XPH-5900IU offers a powerful 170 psi and a heated water option with high temperature levels. It has faster drying times than non-heated machines and also heats up quickly. Two inline heating elements help steam temperatures to reach up to 210°F. The unique adjustable control technology makes the task of choosing the best temperature for the cleaning applications easier.

The 5900IU features a powerful 2-stage vacuum motor with a 100-foot water column lift coupled with an air flow of 100 cfm. They are perfect for upholstery cleaning, carpet stain removal, and auto detailing applications that demand the use of higher temperatures, mobility, and faster drying.

Choosing the Best Mobile Car Detailing Equipment
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