Many things play a part in an effective car detailing process. Since an automobile contains various kinds of surfaces, different types of cleaning methods need to be adopted for successful auto detailing. For example, the interior surfaces of a vehicle are softer than the exteriors. Harder surfaces require a powerful cleaning machine, while soft surfaces call for a gentler approach. The following are some tips for car detailing, with particular emphasis on the interior cleaning aspect.

Choosing the Right Machine
People familiar with car detailing would vouch for the use of carpet cleaners for cleaning the interior parts of automobiles, such as seat upholstery, car mats and carpets. Machines in Daimer®’s XTreme Power® series can reach up to 500 psi and have temperature levels of 210°F.

Low Flow Technology
It is important to note that not all carpet cleaners are equally equipped to performing a good job of car detailing. Machines equipped with low flow technology, like the XTreme Power® XPH-9300, are more suitable for interior cleaning of the vehicle. Low flow machines transfer low quantity of water to the surface. That means surfaces will dry up more quickly and the delivery time of the vehicles, which is very important for auto detailing companies, will be reduced considerably. Daimer®’s low flow machines can leave carpets dry in as little as two hours.

Car Detailing: Tips for Interior Cleaning
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