Car detailing equipment should ideally consist of low-flow pressure washers that you can mount on trailers. The machines should be compact for traveling around large areas; the less bulky the car detailing equipment is the more room for workers inside the van. Daimer® retails car-detailing equipment in keeping with these requirements.

The Super Max™ 6120SCW is designed specifically for the car wash industry. This car detailing equipment emits a high-pressure spray of wet steam. The high temperature (300°F) melts grease and pressure level of 1000 psi washes away the toughest dirt from car tires, windows, and engines. This machine has a flow rate of 0.5 GPM, which is considerably less than the usual 2-5 GPM found with conventional car detailing pressure washers. The Super Max™ 6120LM is a pressure washer that offers the same pressure level, flow rate, and temperature as the 6120SCW.

In contrast, the Super Max™ 6000 features flow rates of 1.4 GPM, slightly higher than the 6120SCW. This machine has a pressure level of 750 psi, ideal for cleaning cars without damaging them. This machine offers temperature levels as high as 330°F, and enables continuous use. The Super Max™ 9000, with a higher-pressure level of 1500 psi offers greater cleaning power. Pressure levels higher than 1500 psi may damage the painted surface of the car.

Daimer® also sells low flow carpet cleaners for interior detailing. You may buy the less costly non-heated carpet cleaners such as XTreme Power® XPC-5700U, or invest in heated machines such as XTreme Power® XPH-5900IU depending on your budget and requirements.

Car Detailing Equipment for Mobile Detailers
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