The interiors of vehicles like upholstery and carpets are highly absorbent and thus quickly absorb the spills and smells they are exposed to. Oil from the fries your kids had or the juice that your spouse spilled can make your car interiors greasy, stained, and unpleasant smelling. A traditional vacuum cleaner will not be able to remove stains and smells from carpets. For this reason, you must use advanced carpet cleaners from Daimer® especially created for auto detailing jobs.

Because the carpet cleaning machines in the XTreme Power® line from Daimer® feature the perfect aspects that favor the interior detailing of vehicles, these are the best options to consider. Auto detailing applications demand impeccable cleaning using the minimum amount of water and fast drying times. This is exactly what the XTreme Power® carpet extractors offer you.

For routine cleaning jobs in vehicle interiors, try using the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U. While the low flow technology gives you clean and dry carpets in 6 hours, the versatility enables you to maintain headliners, seats, foot wells, and carpets. For more challenging auto detailing tasks, try the XTreme Power® XPH-5800TU. This heated carpet shampooer can generate water at temperatures as high as 150ºF to ensure complete removal of stains.

Sometimes, interior detailing jobs can be extremely challenging. For this reason, you have the XTreme Power® 5900IU. This carpet cleaning equipment is widely used by auto detailing professionals due to its high temperatures of 210ºF that help eliminate the toughest stains and allow the carpets to dry in 2 hours.

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