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A Guide to Buying Auto Detailing Products

Buying Auto Detailing Products
Carpet Cleaners
The responsibility of carpet cleaners is to clean the soft interior areas of automobiles, such as the mats, carpets, and upholstery. This machinery is especially meant for soft surface cleaning and is generally not recommended for other usage. When auto detailing, it is better to used carpet cleaners with heated output, for example the XTreme Power® 5800TU from Daimer®. Daimer® also offers machines which feature low flow outputread more

Auto Detailing Made Easy With Steam Pressure Cleaners

Easy With Steam Pressure Cleaners
Car cleaning professionals highly recommend the Super Max™ 6120SCW for all kinds of auto detailing applications. By generating super hot steam at temperatures as high as 250ºF, this car wash system effectively softens grease, grime, dirt, mud, tree sap, and oil deposits on vehicle exteriors without causing any damage to car paint. In fact, the gentle yet powerful cleaning action of this auto detailing unit makes it ideal for eliminating dirt and grime fromread more

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