Auto detailing involves much more than simply cleaning vehicle exteriors. The interior carpeting and upholstery needs just as much attention. In fact, they may even require more attention than a vehicle’s exterior. The truth is that no matter how dirty a car or truck gets on the outside, it is still exposed to fresh air, sunlight, and rain, which can wash away a lot of dirt and dust. These all go a long way in keeping a car’s body relatively clean. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for a vehicle’s interior. Car upholstery and carpeting often receive little to no natural light or fresh air. This is why it’s important to go about interior auto detailing in the right way.

Daimer® understands just how dirty vehicle upholstery can get. A simple cola spill on the sofa at home will usually be cleaned up with soap and water as quickly as possible. However, when you’re on the road, the situation is very different. A soda spill is usually just wiped up and forgotten. As a result, these areas form the perfect place for germs and bacteria to take root and grow. To remove these kinds of stains, it’s always best to use heated carpet cleaning equipment. This auto detailing equipment will use the power of heated water to soften sticky and old deposits, making them much easier to remove.

It’s also important to employ carpet cleaners from Daimer®’s XTreme Power® series that use low-moisture technology. One of the biggest challenges of interior auto detailing is ensuring that the upholstery has a chance to dry out thoroughly. Low-moisture technology relies more on suction and extraction powers to get rid of deep-seated stains and debris. In this way, carpeting and upholstery can dry out much faster and thoroughly, often within as little as two hours. To learn more about other kinds of auto detailing equipment, visit

The Inside Edge on Interior Auto Detailing
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