Auto Detailing Business Wasting Water

Daimer® understands that water usage is an important factor to consider for on-site detailing jobs as well as mobile auto detailing services. For detailing jobs that are done on site, users need to be careful of excess water usage and drainage. This is particularly important for businesses that are worried about incurring fines for releasing excess water into public storm drains. Mobile auto detailing businesses need to be careful about water use as well. When working at a client’s home in a residential area, it is simply not feasible to use and release large amounts of water while cleaning. For these jobs, it is best to invest in pressure washing units like the Super Max™ 6120SCW, which has a water flow rate of just 0.5 GPM.

This low water flow rate is ideal for auto detailing jobs. Sediment and debris can wash away freely from the vehicle surface without using too much water. There is also no risk of incurring fines from excess water drainage. You can learn more about other low water flow units that can be used for auto detailing at

Is Your Auto Detailing Business Wasting Water?
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