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Is Your Auto Detailing Business Wasting Water?

Auto Detailing Business Wasting Water
Daimer® understands that water usage is an important factor to consider for on-site detailing jobs as well as mobile auto detailing services. For detailing jobs that are done on site, users need to be careful of excess water usage and drainage. This is particularly important for businesses that are worried about incurring fines for releasing excess water into public storm drains. Mobile auto detailing businesses need to be careful about water use as well. When working at a client’sread more

Fantastic Range of Quality Auto Detailing Products

Daimer® is reputable worldwide as a reliable distributor of high-quality cleaning machines. Here is a look at what Daimer® has to offer for auto detailing applications.
Unlike traditional pressure washers, the Super Max™ 6120SCW is a emit wet steam specifically for auto detailing jobs. That explains why this steam cleaner has the perfect combination of features necessary for excellent car cleaning results – low flow rates ofread more

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