The interiors of vehicles can quickly absorb odors and stains. For example, children often spill juices and leave crumbs all over the car after eating, leaving behind stains and debris. If those in the car smoke, the smell could be caused by odors lingering within carpets. Simply vacuuming the interiors will not help remove these odors. For effective cleaning and deodorizing actions, you must use advanced auto detailing machines from Daimer®.

Daimer® brings you the XTreme Power® series of auto detailing equipment designed for maintaining vehicle interiors. These car cleaning systems feature low flow technology that helps maintain upholstery and carpets using very little moisture. Low water consumption also helps the car interiors to dry out faster.

For light-duty cleaning jobs, the XTreme Power® XPC-5700U is a great choice. This cold water based auto detailing machine is useful for cleaning seats, footwells, and headliners, leaving the interiors dry in about 6 hours. Heated versions of car wash systems such as the Xtreme Power® XPH-5800TU emit hot water at temperatures of up to 150ºF. This helps eliminate caked dirt, tough stains, and offensive odors from upholstery and carpets.

The Xtreme Power® 5900IU is a more powerful version auto detailing machine. By attaining temperatures up to 210ºF, this car cleaning product easily tackles the toughest cleaning applications and leaves car interiors dry and fresh-smelling in about 2 hours.

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Using Advanced Auto Detailing Products
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