The auto detailing industry is governed by many norms regarding safety of water consumption and disposal. To adhere to these guidelines, auto detailing businesses have to invest in costly water recycling equipment. Toxic waste water cannot be drained into water reservoirs. The main contributor to this toxicity is the nonbiodegradable detergent used for pressure washing and carpet cleaning in auto detailing businesses. Mobile auto detailing businesses have to be even more careful with water disposal, as toxic soap residue in carpets and car surfaces may leave clients unhappy.

Another problem with using toxic auto detailing products is the high cost in the form of safety gear, special storage, transportation, and use. Many auto detailing products contain cancer-causing substances. Some harsh detergents that contain bleach may cause chemical burns on skin. Bleach also damages the painted finish of cars and corrodes pressure washer and carpet shampooer parts.

To avoid these problems, use steam pressure washers from Daimer®. Daimer® offers a range of pressure washers specifically for the auto detailing industry. For example, the Super Max™ 6120SCW offers low flow rates of 0.5 GPM and pressure levels of 1000 psi for safe and effective cleaning. With steam temperatures of 300°F, these machines can easily clean off grease, dirt, oil, and other residue from vehicles.

Auto detailing businesses may also purchase carpet rug shampooer machines and steam cleaners for cleaning car interiors. Check out the Daimer® inventory at

Why Use Eco-Friendly Chemicals for Auto Detailing
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