Auto detailing is an important process that helps in keeping vehicles clean and in the best shape. If the interiors and exteriors of your car along with its parts and engine are clean and well-maintained, maintenance costs are often reduced and the car will last much longer.

Many car owners still prefer using the age-old method of using cloth and cleaning detergent for scrubbing their cars clean. What they do not realize is that the harsh chemicals present in industrial detergents when used in conjunction with manual brushing and scrubbing can damage the surface paint and the expensive upholstery. It is far more sensible to invest in auto detailing equipment from a reputable dealer such as Daimer®. Their powerful pressure washers have advanced features such as high steam temperatures and high pressure output, which are highly effective in removing stubborn dirt and spots on car exteriors.

Cleaning equipment from Daimer® such as the Super Max™ 6120SCW can eject steam at safe pressure levels of 1000 psi and temperatures up to 300°F. Professional auto detailing companies prefer using Daimer® cleaning machines to provide their clients with superior cleaning services. These machines are useful for cleaning grease from engines and dirt from wheels, windows, and the metal body.

Pressure washers such as the Super Max 6120SCW feature low flow rates of 0.5 GPM for use in areas without adequate drainage for higher flow machines. Low flow machines reduce the amount of water needed for cleaning without compromising on power.

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Auto Detailing – Using Advanced Cleaning Machines for Best Results
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